Lib Dems call for Consultation on Cuts

Local Liberal Democrats have accused Bury Conservatives of threatening the future of the town after big cuts were announced to Town Hall budgets last week.

The Council confirmed a range of cuts to be made immediately, including a reduction in funding for children’s services, playgrounds and roads. The decisions were made with immediate effect and without the involvement of Councillors or local people.

Commenting, Cllr Tim Pickstone the leader of the Bury Liberal Democrats said “We all know that cuts need to be made because of the huge debts left by the last Labour government. But this is the wrong way to go about making those cuts. In just a few days the Conservatives have decided to slash vital services without asking local people what they think is important.

“Why didn’t the Conservatives at the Town Hall ask other Councillors to talk to local people and get a sense about where they would like to see the cuts made? If they’d have asked local people they’d have found out just how bad some of their plans are. For instance, all year people have been telling me how much the roads need better maintenance, and yet this is the first budget to be cut. That’s madness and it isn’t fair. Local people have also said that they want more facilities for young people, but this budget too has been cut straight away. Where’s the sense in that?

“I call on the Conservatives to start a big consultation with local people right now about the full options for these necessary cuts, and I call on local people to let us know what their priorities are so that local Lib Dems can work with local people as we make the best of the mess the Labour Government have left us in.”

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