Prestwich LAP Votes NO on Parking Charges

Prestwich Local Area Partnership voted overwhelmingly against Bury Council’s plans to impose parking charges on Fairfax Road at its meeting on 15th July.

The vote was taken after the controversial plans were outlined at the meeting. Angry residents in the audience grilled Council parking chiefs for half an hour after it was confirmed that the Council plan to charge motorists £1 to park for up to an hour, and £2 afterwards.

St Mary’s ward Councillor Richard Baum said “It was clear that everyone in the room was against these proposals. It’s all about making money for Bury Council by punishing the people of Prestwich. These charges mean that people going to the doctors or the walk-in centre will have to pay. That’s just not fair, and that’s why I voted against the parking charges at the LAP like I did at the Council meeting when they were first proposed.”

Sedgley Councillor Steve Wright said “Local people are angry and we need to make it clear to the Conservatives at the Town Hall that Prestwich opposes these proposals. They are bad for business, bad for traffic congestion and bad for the town. I appeal to everyone in Prestwich to try and beat these plans by letting the Council know how much we oppose these charges.”

3 thoughts on “Prestwich LAP Votes NO on Parking Charges

  1. Ray Williams says:

    I disagree with the proposed parking charges for the Fairfax road car park. It will mean local residents will have the roads conjested with parked cars. Anyone going to the Doctors or the walkin centre will have to pay the car parking charges which is very unfair. Please find an other way to raise funds. It would’nt be too bad if you would offer free parking for those motorist who atteneded the Doctors or the NHS dropin centre.

  2. Danny Scherer says:

    No caharge for the first TWO hours, so that shoppers can use & people who take the tram cannot ABUSE. That is the fairest route to go. ANY other idea is going to be unfair one way or the other !

  3. Jon O'Brien says:

    I agree with Danny Scherer. People often park here for access to all of the village including the GP surgeries, Church and to pop into the shops.

    The car park is also used by residents of the Longfield Centre, who would have inadequate parking otherwise (the underground car park is small and expensive). I was formerly a resident and the car park was extremely useful when friends and family visited. I dread to think of the constant choas on nearby streets with people seeking free parking if charges were in force.

    If charges have to be brought in then I would agree that the fairest way would be for 2 hours free and then a charge. This would mean that most short-term users would be protected, as well as local businesses, Church and GPs.

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