Norman Lamb: Government health proposals ‘morally wrong and economically stupid’.

Mental Health proposals fall massively short – Norman Lamb

Commenting on today’s announcement on mental health funding, the Liberal Democrats health spokesperson and former minister for Mental Health, Norman Lamb said:

“I will always welcome extra investment in mental health care. However, on the face of it, the proposals fall massively short of the vision we published in 2014. We said then that the objective for 2020 should be comprehensive maximum waiting time standards in mental health so that there is equality of access between physical and mental health. There’s nothing today which meets that vision.

“It will leave many people with mental ill health still with no right to access treatment on a timely basis. It will leave a disparity between physical health and mental health at the heart of our NHS. That is morally wrong and economically stupid.


“My fear is that the extra investment announced may be, in part, smoke and mirrors. David Cameron must be clear, is this all additional to the £1.25bn announced in the budget in March for children and young people’s mental health – which the Liberal Democrats secured? Is it additional to the £600m announced in the Spending Review?

“If the Prime Minister is being genuine about his desire to help, he must confirm what accounts for new investment. We need absolute clarity.

“Every step to support access to treatment and support is always welcome, but we must recognise that there is much more to be done.”

One thought on “Norman Lamb: Government health proposals ‘morally wrong and economically stupid’.

  1. Robert Graham says:

    Over the past few months I’ve been receiving a steady stream of GOV emails that inform me that HMG is CANCELLING “Reciprocal Health Agreements” with More and More Countries.

    We all KNOW that the Conservative Party DISCRIMINATES on WEALTH and I’m guessing that this ENDING of HEALTH AGREEMENTS will IMPACT All NONE WEALTHY Britons who become Sick or Suffer Accidents while Overseas.

    RICH people facing any kind of Injury or Health Problem while Overseas will probably book themselves into some Exclusive Private Clinic or Hospital (as they would if they became sick while at home) and NOT avail themselves of any kind of “State Provision”.
    While THE REST OF US will “do as we do at home” and use Local Facilities, or whatever our Travel Insurance Policy allows.

    WITHOUT a Reciprocal Health Agreement, Ordinary Britons could be faced with HUGE Overseas Medical Bills should they need treatment outside the UK.

    I think this is YET ANOTHER MONEY SAVING IDEA from the Tories that will have ZERO Impact on the RICH, while HAMMERING Ordinary People.

    I’m guessing that Visitors to the UK, from any of the Growing List of Countries with whom the Tories have ENDED these Health Agreements will Also Suffer, should they become Sick while in the UK.

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