Tacking Illegal Parking outside Schools

The Lib Dem team on Council have asked the Council if it will consider using the ‘Camera Car’ currently used to enforce bus lanes, to tackle some of the worst illegal parking outside some of our schools.

Lib Dem councillor Mary D’Albert asked the Council to consider the use of the camera car outside of schools, a practice that happens in many other local authorities, including next door in Manchester.

The Council stated that “The CCTV car is currently utilised during peak and off peak periods to enforce bus lanes”

It went not to say that:
“At some point in the future we may look at investing in fixed CCTV equipment to enforce bus lanes. This would then free up the vehicle to carry out enforcement outside schools. In order to carry out this type of enforcement we will need to apply for a new approved device status for the vehicle from DfT. The current approval would not cover the variation in enforcement.”


Recently Bury Council reviewed the bus lanes going into and out of Bury Town Centre, and has agreed to review bus lane in the south of the Borough. The result of the review so far has been to completely suspect the Rochdale Road bus lane (the Heap Bridge motorway junction to the Town Centre).

Although it is important to make sure that drivers do not abuse bus lanes that are still in force, we believe that there should be some capacity to do this, given the significant problems that there are around some of our schools.

3 thoughts on “Tacking Illegal Parking outside Schools

  1. Local Resident says:

    Heaton Park Primary School. Continuous terrible and illegal parking and manners from parents.

  2. Brian Muir says:

    I fully support the use of the camera car to monitor the thoughtless, illegal and dangerous parking around school entrances. The Council response is staggering – what is more important, gaining revenue from bus lane trespassers, or securing the safety of children? The argument about peak times surely doesn’t hold for the afternoon school run anyway?
    On Health & Safety grounds alone, the spy car should be deployed to protect our school children against the minority of parents who care only for their own!

  3. wisam says:

    Parrenthorn High School would benefit! I’ve seen numerous close shave regarding children safety caused by inconsiderate parent parking.

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