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Hands-up if you voted for a 19% Metrolink fare rise

by burylibdems on 6 December, 2017

Metrolink Fares are to rise by around 6% a year until 2020, Greater Manchester Council Leaders have agreed.

The decision was to raise fares by ‘inflation + 2.33%’ a year for three years. That’s an increase of 5.93% on 1st
January 2018 and over the three years a fare rise of 19%.

Railway companies announced yesterday that rail fares would be rising by 3.4% from January – described by Passenger Groups as a ‘Kick in the Teeth’. Rail fares rises are determined by a Government formula, but rises on Metrolink are decided by our own local councils.

In Greater Manchester the decision was taken by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, made up of Bury Council’s Labour Leader, eight other Labour council leaders, the Labour Mayor of Greater Manchester and the Conservative Leader of Trafford Council.

This decision made by the Labour Leaders shows how out of touch they are with the financial situation of many tram passengers.

Labour complains constantly about the Conservatives’ austerity and wage freezes in the public sector and then hits passengers who are feeling the pinch with unremitting fare increases. It promises in its own Manifesto to limit rail fare increases to below inflation, yet when it has the chance to make the decision increases them by double inflation.

This is simply not fair – Metrolink is in profit. We should be encouraging more passengers to use the service and cracking down on fare evasion not hammering the fare-paying passengers.

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  1. Whitefield Resident says:

    I completely agree that tackling fare dodgers should be prioritised before raising fares by unreasonable proportion. The amount of times I have witnessed the inpectors lack of powers resulting in non payers boldly walking away with little opposition when confronted is very concerning. It is also difficult to stomach, when you have just forked out £73 for a ticket and have witness. This is the only major let down, to what is generally excellent infrastructure and service for the region.

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