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Over 1/3 of Home Care Visits in Bury still only 15 minutes

by timpickstone on 28 August, 2018

At the last meeting of Bury Council, Liberal Democrat Councillors Mary D’Albert tabled a formal question to determine the number of home care visits, commissioned by Bury Council, are of 15 minutes or less.  

“Could the Leader of the Council inform members of the number and proportion of home care visits undertaken within the borough in 2017-18 that were 15 minutes or less, and 5 minutes or less, and how does this compare to previous years? “

Here is the response: 

Bury Council commission’s Care at Home services for Adults which are based on the individually assessed needs of each customer, delivering the care and support required to enable the customer to remain as independent as possible.

Currently, the Council commission’s external providers to deliver Care at Home services in 15 minute blocks.  As the visits are based on the assessed needs of the customer, the duration of each visit should enable the customer to receive the service they require appropriate to their needs.

The number and duration of weekly visits to customers in 2017/2018 is as follows:-

15 Minutes 3,422 (35.3%)

30 Minuts 3,495 (36%)

45 Minutes 984 (10.1%)

60 Minutes 454 (4.7%)

Over 60 minutes 1,341 (13.8%)

The respected disability charity Lenard Cheshire has long campaigned against 15 minute care visits (more details on their campaign here). The trades union Unison, which represents many of the people employed by Bury Council is also completely opposed to 15 minute care visits (more information on their campaign here.


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  1. Joan Evans says:

    I feel that 15 minutes is totally inadequate From my own experience of taking older neighbours out it takes them nearly 5 minutes to get to the door, before you can gain entry. How can the carer then even make them a drink, let alone do anything else for them.

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