Calls for International Treaty on Plastics

A legally binding international treaty on plastics is the call from the Liberal Democrats following a major debate at their Party Conference. The treaty would encompass phased reductions in the production, consumption and trade of virgin feedstock.

It would also include a financial mechanism providing aid and capacity-building assistance to developing countries.

Liberal Democrat Group Leader in Bury, Councillor Tim Pickstone said:
“The problem with plastics is not only on our shores. It is a problem that impacts the environment, communities and wildlife across the globe. The Government therefore has a duty to lead from the front and start weaning the world off plastics. But instead of leadership on the environment, all this Conservative Government offers is empty words.”

We are calling for real international action to save our environment from the scourge of single-use plastics.

– Banning the use of non-recyclable single-use plastics that have affordable alternatives
– Implementing a deposit system for all container products.
– Requirement all packaging to include recyclability options.

Demand better on plastics – add your name to our open letter today.

Photo Credit: Christophe Launay/Race for Water 2015.

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