People seeking asylum should have the right to work

Liberal Democrats are supporting a Private Members Bill which would give people who are in Britain because they have claimed asylum, the right to look for paid work.

Liberal Democrat MP Cristina Jardine tabled a private members bill in Parliament which would change the current regulations.

As it stands, people seeking asylum who make it to Britain are only allowed to work after twelve months after submitting their claim for asylum AND only if they can fill a job on the government’s very narrow shortage occupation list (like ballet dancer, or nuclear waste decomissioner).

Instead the government pays a £5.39 per day stipend, forcing many people into poverty or the illegal economy, and obviously costing money.

Our vies is that everyone deserves the right to work, to put food on the table.

The change we’re requesting is so small as far as government policy is concerned – we’re asking for the UK to catch up with the rest of the western world – but the difference it would make to asylum seekers would be transformative.

You can support the campaign here.

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