Lib Dems fight for better child care

Lib Dems across the country are coming together to fight for free childcare for every family.

We all understand that juggling work and family life can be a struggle for parents. Current Government provisions make it difficult to raise young children and go back to work full or even part-time and the economic crisis means families are even harder pressed than before.

Liberal Democrats believe that things need to change and parents should be entitled to 20 hours of free, high quality childcare for each child from 18 months to when they start school. 

Bury Liberal Democrats are calling for everyone who supports this cause to sign our petition calling for the Government to bring in the extra childcare. You can find the petition here

Anyone interested in joining a Facebook group in support of this campaign can do so here 

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Please spread the word with an email to five of your friends. Just click here 

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