Annual Council 2010

Labour’s Councillor John Beirne accepting his appointment as Mayor of Bury for 2010-2011.

At yesterday’s Annual Council meeting of Bury Council, the Liberal Democrats have decided not to enter into a coalition with either party, and we remain a strong opposition on Bury Council.

Group Leader Councillor Tim Pickstone said: “The people of Bury have chosen the Conservatives to be the largest party on the Council. They will be forming a minority administration. We will decide on issues on an individual basis in the best interests of the people we represent and serve.”

“Labour made it clear that they had no interest in running the Town Hall, just like they showed no interest in running the country. Maybe they want to avoid taking responsibility for tough decisions.”

“The Liberal Democrat group will continue to put the needs of Bury before politics, and will continue to be an effective opposition to the Conservatives, and make every single Liberal Democrat vote in Bury count”.

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