Lib Dems call for rethink on Fairfax Road Parking Charges

Local Liberal Democrat Councillors have called on the Conservatives running Bury Council to scrap proposed charges for the Fairfax Road. The planned charges will see motorists charged £1 for short-stay parking, and £2 for long-stay.

Councillor Tim Pickstone, leader of the Bury Liberal Democrats, said “Lib Dems in Prestwich have opposed the Fairfax Road car parking charges from day one. We voted against them, and have campaigned strongly against them since.

“We’re worried that the £1 charge for short-term parking will be particularly damaging to local shops, whilst at the same time doing nothing to achieve what the Conservatives at Bury Town Hall say they want, namely to reduce all-day parking.

“We’re worried that on street parking will increase on the nearby residential roads traffic congestion will increase on surrounding roads, and local people who need to use the NHS walk-in centre and GPs, particularly the old and disabled, will be disadvantaged.

“In the interests of Prestwich, its time for a re-think on the Fairfax Road parking charges. “

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