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Your views sought on Policing Priorities

by burylibdems on 9 January, 2018

Greater Manchester’s Labour Mayor, Andy Burnham, is running a consultation on his plan for policing and the Lib Dem team are urging people take the survey.

The proposed policing priorities are:

Keeping people safe
Protecting and caring for people who live, work, socialise and travel in Greater Manchester. Protecting those who are vulnerable and those who are victims of crime or at risk of being victimised. Building resilience, feelings of safety and confidence in policing and community safety.

Reducing harm and offending
Preventing anti-social and criminal behaviour including the most serious offending and terrorism by solving problems, intervening early and rehabilitating offenders to build confidence in criminal justice.

Strengthening communities and places
Helping to build resilient and resourceful communities including online communities and protecting the places where people live, work, socialise or travel. Supporting the delivery of the IT systems, buildings, roads, street lighting and other public assets needed to solve problems in a 21st century society.

It is probably difficult to disagree with any of these, but worrying that, in the 33 pages of this document, the policing plan does not once mention burglary, theft from motor vehicles or enforcement of traffic offences, despite these being issues that are raised most often as with us.  There is also no mention of Police visible present “on the beat” in our communities.”

You can read the draft plan and take the survey here. The survey closes at midnight on Sunday 14th January 2018.

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