Metrolink New Fare Zones – Public Consultation

A new zonal fares system is being proposed for Metrolink. The proposal would replace the existing ‘station to station’ fare system with a zonal system – similar to London’s travel network.

You have the opportunity to share your feedback ahead of any final decision being made about the proposed change with a survey before 17 June. Take the survey here.

According to T4GM, the proposal would make using Metrolink simpler, more convenient and better value for money.

The proposal for Metrolink would introduce four ringed zones on the network.

Regular tram users will notice that the proposals put many fares up! For example Prestwich to Manchester is put up 20p (single) and 40p (return).

In our view Metrolink is horrifically expensive compared to other modes of transport. An annual season ticket from Marple to Manchester Piccadilly (18 miles) is £1,030. Heaton Park to Manchester is 4 miles and £930.

Last year investigations from the Lib Dems revealed that 12% of Metrolink journeys are not paid for, so honest passengers are paying for the 1 in 8 journeys that are not.

This is our opportunity to have a say on the new fares proposals – you can do so here.

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