Hands up if you voted for a £10 tram tax?

Council Leaders in Greater Manchester have voted to introduce a £10 a year charge for pensioners to travel for free on Metrolink and trains.

The charge will come into effect in 2020 and is expected to bring in in around £1.2 million, straight out of the pockets of Greater Manchester’s pensioners. This was supported by the nine Labour Council Leaders (including Bury’s), the Labour Mayor and the Conservative Leader of Bolton Council.

Bus travel will still be free, but for us this extra charge for pensioners at the worst possible time. Free TV licenses for the over 75s end next year, and many older people being hit by increasing fuel and Council Tax bills.

Sign our petition to scrap the new tax here

3 thoughts on “Hands up if you voted for a £10 tram tax?

  1. John Barlow says:

    This is a real kick in the teeth and everywhere else. The majority of pensioners in greater Manchester have already paid their dues through rates etc to be given the privilege of free travel. This stick of all things Labour is trying to achieve and this will be there downfall. This wouldn’t happen in London. Think again

  2. David Flood says:

    I think you GOT IT WRONG. It is for Tram PLUS RAIL passes not just the tram.
    I see no problem with this at all.
    If you are so important that you do not use the bus, then you deserve to pay to use the Tram or Rail.
    Bus Regulation should never have been introduced all those years ago. Others will say it does work.
    I use my bus pass in Oxford & Aylesbury when I am at my daughters, it is wonderful but train use is not permitted down there. This is because Manchester pay the rail companies the subsidy, to use the trains which other authorities do not pay.
    If there was FREE BUS & RAIL, 24/7 on travel for everyone that the local authorities paid would be enormous, but it would keep traffic off the roads. Private cars who used the roads could be charged a premium.

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