GMSF becomes GMSF of the 9

Greater Manchester’s Council Leaders have voted to carry on with a version of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework for just 9 boroughs, after Councillors in Stockport rejected the proposals.

The GMSF which proposed provision for 180,000 extra homes over the next 15 years was opposed by many people because of involved the destruction of so much green belt land, including large amounts of green belt across Bury. In Stockport, where Labour councillors do not have a majority, the plans were blocked by the towns 26 Liberal Democrat councillors alongside other opposition members.

The remaining nine Greater Manchester Council Leaders have agreed to draw up a Greater Manchester Spatial Framework for the nine boroughs only. The authorities will work on a revised version that removes proposed land allocations in Stockport and redistributes targets for building homes and creating jobs across nine boroughs instead of 10.

Public consultation is planned for June 2021. (You will note just after the local elections and the election of the Greater Manchester Mayor.)

Bury’s Liberal Democrat Council Group Leader Michael Powell said:
“As we have always said, GMSF was simply the wrong plan. It was wrong because it would have meant the wholesale destruction of so much of our precious green belt land.”

We clearly do to plan for new homes, especially the affordable homes that people so desperately need. We want to see a new approach which not only sees our future housing need built on our existing brownfield land and revitalising our town centres, but also sees the homes that people need and want in our communities, not the houses that developers want to build.

Greater Manchester needs a radical new plan. Our fear is that the GMSF9 will just be just more of the same.”

5 thoughts on “GMSF becomes GMSF of the 9

  1. Bruce Moore says:

    Since Stockport has rejected the proposals, does that mean that more houses will be built in Bury?

    • Joanne Maffia says:

      I opposed all of the new build in Bury but there is a second consultation so complete it in June online to stop the new build.
      One person won’t make the difference.
      Create an e survey to oppose new build and submit it while I work at Primark. I wonder about the old fire station , what they will build.
      Last time they proposed to get rid of outlooks across greenery.

  2. Janet Hunt says:

    At the moment and in the future for our children we need green land not more eaten up by houses. Yes use the brownfield sites that we have,to build the houses on, I thought this government was interested in the environment instead of extra pollution from more cars from these houses blocked roads I feel Bury council do not care about the people who live in these areas particularly around Simister and Bowlee it makes me wonder where these Councillors live. Only Bury could let a householder build houses in someone’s garden which have lain empty for two years.

  3. SHUART6323 says:

    Thank you!!1

  4. Brian Hulme says:

    I am pleased to see the Liberal Democrats have the same opinion on the future of our precious green belt.I will monitor this opinion and await the arrival of the local May elections I

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