Lib Dems call for rethink on Fairfax Road Parking Charges

Local Liberal Democrat Councillors have called on the Conservatives running Bury Council to scrap proposed charges for the Fairfax Road. The planned charges will see motorists charged £1 for short-stay parking, and £2 for long-stay.

Councillor Tim Pickstone, leader of the Bury Liberal Democrats, said “Lib Dems in Prestwich have opposed the Fairfax Road car parking charges from day one. We voted against them, and have campaigned strongly against them since.

“We’re worried that the £1 charge for short-term parking will be particularly damaging to local shops, whilst at the same time doing nothing to achieve what the Conservatives at Bury Town Hall say they want, namely to reduce all-day parking.

“We’re worried that on street parking will increase on the nearby residential roads traffic congestion will increase on surrounding roads, and local people who need to use the NHS walk-in centre and GPs, particularly the old and disabled, will be disadvantaged.

“In the interests of Prestwich, its time for a re-think on the Fairfax Road parking charges. “

Annual Council 2010

Labour’s Councillor John Beirne accepting his appointment as Mayor of Bury for 2010-2011.

At yesterday’s Annual Council meeting of Bury Council, the Liberal Democrats have decided not to enter into a coalition with either party, and we remain a strong opposition on Bury Council.

Group Leader Councillor Tim Pickstone said: “The people of Bury have chosen the Conservatives to be the largest party on the Council. They will be forming a minority administration. We will decide on issues on an individual basis in the best interests of the people we represent and serve.”

“Labour made it clear that they had no interest in running the Town Hall, just like they showed no interest in running the country. Maybe they want to avoid taking responsibility for tough decisions.”

“The Liberal Democrat group will continue to put the needs of Bury before politics, and will continue to be an effective opposition to the Conservatives, and make every single Liberal Democrat vote in Bury count”.




This is a manifesto you can trust. We have stripped our priorities back to the essential, fundamental changes that Britain needs to make it fair:

  • Fair taxes that put money back in your pocket
  • A fair chance for every child
  • A fair future, creating jobs by making Britain greener
  • And a fair deal by cleaning up politics

These are deliverable, practical plans to make your life better, and they are right there on the front cover of our manifesto. Instead of rhetoric and razzmatazz, we are saying what we will do and how we will pay for it.

Elections should be a competition of ideas, not marketing budgets. They may have the bigger budgets but we have the bigger ideas.And you can trust us to deliver because unlike the other parties, we have spelt out, line by line in the manifesto how every single policy is paid for, and how we will reduce the deficit.

We have set out £15bn of details spending cuts and just £5bn a year of new spending, meaning £10bn for the deficit every year. We are the first party to put detailed spending plans into a manifesto.

Four key pledges

  1. Fair taxes: We will ensure no-one pays income tax on the first £10,000 they earn. Most taxpayers will get a tax cut of £700 a year. We’ll pay for it by closing loopholes that unfairly benefit the rich, a new tax on mansions worth over £2m, a crack down on tax avoidance and higher aviation duty.
  2. A fair start for all our children: We will get every child the individual attention they need by cutting class sizes. We will spend an extra £2.5bn on schools, targeted at children who need the most help. The average primary school could cut class sizes to 20. An average secondary school could see classes of just 16.
  3. A fair future: a rebalanced, green economy: We will break up the banks and rebalance the economy away from unsustainable financial speculation. We will be honest about where savings must be made in government spending to balance the books and protect our children’s future. And we will create new jobs with a £3.1bn green stimulus and job creation plan in our first year in office, fully funded by cut backs elsewhere.
  4. A fair deal from politicians: We will introduce a fair voting system. We will ensure corrupt MPs can be sacked by their constituents and stop non-doms from donating to parties or sitting in Parliament. We will take power from Westminster and give it to communities, with local power over police and the NHS, and introduce a freedom bill to protect and restore civil liberties.

We also have the following commitments:

  • Protect front line NHS services. We will help the NHS work better with the money it has and protect front line services by re-investing the savings we find back into healthcare
  • Recruit 3,000 more police officers to keep our streets safe and scrapping ID cards
  • Scrap student tuition fees to reduce the burden of student debt immediately and eliminate fee debt altogether over 6 years
  • A pay rise for our brave service men and women together with cut backs of bureaucrats and top brass officers in the Ministry of Defence
  • Uprate the basic state pension in line with earnings immediately so that pensioners do not fall further behind when the economy starts to grow again




Bury Liberal Democrats launch General Election campaign

Bury Liberal Democrats have launched their campaign for the General Election on 6th May.

Long-serving local Councillor Vic D’Albert will be the party’s candidate in Bury South. Vic has been a Prestwich resident all his adult life, and has served as a Bury Councillor for Holyrood ward since 1991.

In Bury North, Cllr Richard Baum will be the Lib Dem candidate in the General Election. Richard represents St Mary’s ward on Bury Council and is the only candidate in the election to already be serving the people of Bury on the Council.

There are also local elections on May 6th, with the Liberal Democrats hoping for gains with candidates in every ward in Bury.

The Lib Dems promise fairer taxes by making the first £10,000 you earn free of income tax. We promise a fair start for children with a £2.5bn investment in schools. And we want to clean up politics with a new voting system and a reduction in the number of MPs.

If you’d like to get involved in helping the Lib Dem election campaign in Bury, please get in touch using the contact details on this website.

Last Chance for Heaton Park?

Local residents campaigning against turning the St Margaret’s end of Heaton Park into a commercial soccer centre are fearful that a current request for review by the Secretary of State might be the “last chance” to save the park.

Manchester City Council passed the controversial plans for artificial soccer pitches, tennis courts, car parking and a club house which would take up the entire St Margaret’s corner of Heaton Park earlier this year. This was despite more than 10,000 people raising objections in some way to the plans, with letters, petitions and the “Save Heaton Park” Facebook group. Following the decision the campaigners have taken legal advice about the decision, and have asked the Government Office for the North West through Ivan Lewis MP to refer the decision to the Secretary of State for reconsideration.

Local Liberal Democrat Councillor Tim Pickstone, who worked with the campaigners said: “It’s a terrible shame but this really does seem like it’s the last attempt to save the park. Hopefully the powers that be will see sense. There is clearly so much wrong with this decision. How any elected official can ignore so much local opposition continues to amaze me”.

“The campaign group want to say a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who has been so supportive. The level of support for the campaign has been absolutely brilliant. We will keep people informed on how the referral to the Secretary of State goes.”

Childrens Play at risk from dog mess

Children’s Outdoor play groups in the area are warning that dog fouling is threatening their future, making it unsafe for children to play outside. Local Liberal Democrat Councillors in Prestwich have called for the Council to fine offending dog owners and ask dog owners to be more responsible.
Cllr Andrew Garner, Sedgley ward Councillor, said “At a recent surgery we were told that a popular local children’s play group at St Mary’s Park is considering its future because the dog mess problem is so bad. Not only is it obviously unsightly, but it is a health hazard and children’s health are being put at risk. It’s very disappointing that beautiful parks are being spoiled like this, and that our children are suffering as a result.”
Local Councillors are calling on dog owners to take care that their pets don’t foul footpaths and park areas, and to clean up when this happens. There is growing anger that the Council are not doing enough to help residents with the problem and growing anger against selfish dog owners who don’t clean up after their pets.

A long-standing campaigner for Prestwich is Liberal Democrat Councillor for St Mary’s ward Donal O’Hanlon. He said “The Council have to do more to help us. Recently we discovered that Prestwich has significantly fewer dog waste bins than any other part of Bury. The Conservatives who run the town hall are neglecting Prestwich and it has to change. Where are our dog bins? Where are the dog wardens? Where are the clean up teams? This neglect of Prestwich from the Conservatives who run the Council is just not good enough, and now it’s harming our children.”



Commenting on the launch of the Conservatives’ crime section of their draft manifesto, Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary, Chris Huhne said:

“The Tories love to tell you they are the party of law and order, when in fact they are the party of crime.

“Their disgraceful record in Government speaks for itself – crime nearly doubled, violent crime nearly tripled and robbery quadrupled. “A vote for the Tories is a vote for more crime; a vote for more tried and tested policies which don’t work. “The Tories cannot be trusted – one of their policies is to reduce one of the few remaining protections from the surveillance state.”

Vic D’Albert, Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Bury South added.

“The Conservatives’ crime policies are masked by a total disregard for the causes of crime and an insatiable determination to undermine Police resources. There policies are tough on paper, but don’t add up in the real world. As with their other “policies” pronouncements they are all spin and no substance.”

London Victories Bring Hope for Heaton Park

The campaign to stop an 8-acre private soccer centre being built in Heaton Park is in its final stages ahead of a decision by Manchester Council on December 17th. Campaigners to save the park have been encouraged by a wave of rejections for similar schemes in parks in London.

Campaigners in Morden Park found out this week that their campaign to stop their park being turned into a commercial soccer centre had been a success. Find our more from their website here.

Regents Park, as well as parks in Morden and Wandsworth in the capital, have all been threatened with “Goals” soccer centres similar to the one proposed for Heaton park. In each case the applications have been rejected after public pressure.

Campaigners in Morden produced this stunning video to support their cause:

Cllr Tim Pickstone, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Holyrood ward and a leader of the campaign to protect the park said “I am pleased that communities in London have come together to save parkland, and that local Councils have listened to what people want. I appeal to Manchester City Council to do the same.

“We have always said that this is a good facility, but in completely the wrong place. We are all for better sports facilities, but this is an 8 acre concrete site with a big car park, charging people a lot of money and open until 11pm. This isn’t something that should be built on green land inside a quiet public park.

“Manchester Council will hear the application on December 17th. In the meantime I urge as many local people as possible to visit the website at and learn more about how to stop this development from threatening our park.”

Lib Dems fight for better child care

Lib Dems across the country are coming together to fight for free childcare for every family.

We all understand that juggling work and family life can be a struggle for parents. Current Government provisions make it difficult to raise young children and go back to work full or even part-time and the economic crisis means families are even harder pressed than before.

Liberal Democrats believe that things need to change and parents should be entitled to 20 hours of free, high quality childcare for each child from 18 months to when they start school. 

Bury Liberal Democrats are calling for everyone who supports this cause to sign our petition calling for the Government to bring in the extra childcare. You can find the petition here

Anyone interested in joining a Facebook group in support of this campaign can do so here 

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